Meet Tucker!


Meet Tucker

He’s a 10 year old min-pin we brought home from foster care.


A little quick, little ‘super-hero’  cape I made for him.

The slanted opening allows me to hook his harness under the cape to a leash.

We sometimes affectionately call him, “Mr. T”.

He’s been in and out of several homes and fosters, even turned out to the streets at one point.

A Sweetheart!!! So loving!!! And outdoor trained, too!!!

I was told they received over 50 calls, but no one wanted him: but I did!!!

Meant to be. thank you Jesus - human babies need homes FIRSTLY; but so do God’s animals.

Outdoor trained, sweet, loving, & obedient. My girls love him!!!

An extra little joy for Christmas – older dogs are wonderful.

See you very soon with another modest sewing project, and as always:


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2 thoughts on “Meet Tucker!

  1. You are the most productive crafter/sewist I know! SO HAPPY to hear from you! I’ll be by to visit your blog – I recommend your beautiful creations and blog to all visitors here! God Bless, Susan!

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