McCall’s #5591 “WOO-HOO” PINK SKIRT!!!

“A true love of God is necessary to grow in modesty”
Catholic Modesty

My daughter does not like the long skirts (sigh) BUT— she did want me to make her some just below the knee for her recent travel trip this summer. HEY: IT’S A START!!! She wanted these skirts sewn without the bottom band, so, I added enough length to present just below the knee, as ordered!!!

She chose a  pink and a brown fabric that were both on the clearance table (my favorite fabric$!) both are a polyester with  stitched and a pressed creasing as the nap design. I don’t recommend a full attack ironing; just a light steam after a gentle cold water washing to keep the creases held in the fabric.

HOWEVER: they are see-through in  the sun. “WHO CARES?” you ask, “Because, God does not want us to be suggestive, and we must always dress our best to prevent it.” MNEH!!!! Besides, linings block most/all of the “X-ray vision” provided by the sun, and  it also causes the skirt to look and behave better, instead of hanging like a wet dishrag and clinging to your legs. (UNSIGHTLY!)

This pattern did not call for lining (most today don’t – not a care for modesty or polish) BUT I DO!!! I added it – you can do it, too, without worrying the pattern did not call for it.

Well, here’s the pink:



inside lining with served seams & hand-made thread chains to keep lining secured:


Style, modesty, AND good behavior!!!

The brown one is identical, so I did not post. No big whoop.

Well, don’t forget the lining, and as always,

“Happy Modest Sewing & Crafting!!!” 

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2 thoughts on “McCall’s #5591 “WOO-HOO” PINK SKIRT!!!

  1. The skirt is beautiful! I love wearing long skirts (ankle length)….however I have discovered that a shorter length (below the knee) can be more practical for some things {such as cleaning out the ducks cage! :) }

    Have a blessed summer~

    • Oh, Trisha – I too, love ankle length skirts and dresses!!! I am hoping to convert my daughter to respect The Blessed Mother Mary in modesty more – but, at least she is asking me to sew for her; she only wanted “real clothes” from the mall before this – ARGH! I am STILL working on her to wear them longer – almost 21 years, now. Someday!!! OOOHHH, you have ducks??? AWESOME!!! My other daughter wants a farm one day. She’s LOVE ducks!!!
      Thanks for dropping by! God Bless you!

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