So Much Fabric…

…so little ROOM!!!

Working on setting up shop to sell these marvelous vintage fabrics! I’ve thought about it before, but it just wasn’t the right time. So, I’m giving you a little preview while I am deciding if I will open my shop or not – it depends on getting all my legal biz together, so I can proceed. I have an appointment with my accountant, and I’m very excited about it!!!

Tell me what you think of these few samples:


There are 3 poly double knits on the top row, several children’s single knit rounds and a ply double knit green check. I have a lot more in many other varieties, as well as vintage patterns, antique ephemera and other great finds!

If all goes up and is doing well enough, I plan to introduce crafts that I am making. WHOA! I have to hold my horses while I get my ducks in a row. Let me know what you think, and as always,


For my friend, ND.

This Week in My Ebay Shop from 8/24/14

Visit me often! I sold a few things already; if you visit and something here isn’t there, I SOLD IT!

Leave a comment – ALWYAS happy to hear from you! :) – Adrienne (addygirl-1)


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Train Award Collectable Sold: $80.00 + shipping 8/22/14


I’ll post a few of my listings from time to time.

Stop by and visit my shop!

and REMEMBER, as always,




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My Ebay Shop is Now Open!

Well, Whoop-dee-doo!!

It’s a beginning – I just stated and was surprised tonight to sell my first item:


It’s a vintage sewing pattern from the 50’s: ADVANCE 8654 Blouse varieties. The envelope is brittle but the pattern is uncut and still factory folded with some discoloration, but it can be traced off and still be preserved. I hope this nice lady enjoys it!!!

I only started putting up vintage items, and am going to be putting up many more this week – stop and see me sometimes! I have a lot of vintage fabric, patterns, Stretch ‘n Sew patterns, and other vintage cool things like my tea service and vintage Avon jewelry. I also have some postcards and images from WWII Germany. Lots more stuff, too. I LOVE VINTAGE!!! AND VINTAGE SEWING!!! I am planning to add my ‘handmades’ down the road, too.

Well, I’ll be putting some things on here, too from my shop. Hopefully, I can branch out if all goes well.

In the meantime, "HH!

OH! And did I mention, I LOVE VINTAGE??? =:^D

My “New” Vintage Sewing Table!


“A poor man does not seek a bed in order to sleep, he throws himself down anywhere.”
St. Benedict Joseph Labre

My my!  What treasures are held captive in our parent’s basements!!!

I just asked my husband to cut out a table for me to set in flush my (stupid-table-tops-I-hate-them) Bernina Activa 230PE into. I love the old flatbeds, like the industrials that are still made, but I do not need an industrial headache. So, I found these instructions to make my desktop into one similar from Blue Dinosauers instructions:

However: my husband called me from his Mom’s and she said she had one she doesn’t use anymore, and it happens to be the free (did I mention, free?) answer to my request!

GREAT! Today, my Mother-in-law dug this up from the bowels of her storage dungeon:


I saw one like this on ebay, a while ago, and they were charging around $90 – I don’t remember exactly how much it was, but I know I’m close. This one has a little necessity drawer, and is in pristine condition. I’m just popping it in my sewing room for now, and I’ll have to rearrange EVERYTHING (again… sigh…) to fit it all in and to make it all work together the best I can. For now, here’s my Activa 230PE haphazardly shoved in my, ‘geeze-louise-it’s-already-a-disaster’ room:


The empty coconut oil boxes stop the new acrylic replacement sliding table on the machine proper from some dummy leaning on it again and busting it like she did 5 years ago. They also give it a kind of ‘country farmhouse look’, don’t you think???

And yes; she was me.

Well, once again, and as always, until next time,


Farewell, My Little Man


We adopted him last December 2013 – he was 10 years old, and had been in several homes, fostered and even on the streets. He was  an energetic, loving, and mostly an independent thinker who was a joy for us all! He died at local emergency vet clinic sometime around 3:30am after CPR failed. The Vet showed me the X-ray she took there – he had a large stomach tumor and we believe it effected his heart and it gave out.

The Good God gave us 5 wonderful months with this sweet little man. I haven’t been able to write about it until now. He was our lift everyday! A good companion. Sorely missed, to say the least.

Hold your children  and little companions close – God gave them to us and we must give them back one day:

Children for Heaven and little companions only for a short time here on earth, and then they are no more.

I pray for my children to keep The True Faith, and I give thanks to God for the little companions while they are with us.

Good Night, Little Sir. We love you and miss you so.