The Pearls of Femininity…


“By only looking at a person, we know if he is pure. His eyes have an air of candour and modesty which leads you to the good God. Some people, on the contrary, look quite inflamed with passion. . . Satan places himself in their eyes to make others fall and to lead them to evil.” 

- St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney, the Cure of Ars 

“The light of the body is the eye; if therefore your eye is pure, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness.” 
- Matthew 6:22-3

I came across this article on modest dress and what has happened to our women both in dress and degeneration.

What true lady would not want to dress like this, even in 2014:

Modest McCall

Classic and feminine.  And what a sweet little lady, too!

I recommend reading this article, the first in a series to come.

It’s not just about the clothes; clothing represents what we are.

God created woman with dignity for a vocation or marriage to help man. Not to become manly in dress, attitude, and in competition with him for his gender and rank; nor to be unrecognizable to other men and women. Chaos.

Oh, BTW: this article was written by a MAN. God love him.

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.

read here:

So, sew yourself a lovely, modest dress, groom well and act like the true lady God made you to be.

and as always,


Meet Tucker!


Meet Tucker

He’s a 10 year old min-pin we brought home from foster care.


A little quick, little ‘super-hero’  cape I made for him.

The slanted opening allows me to hook his harness under the cape to a leash.

We sometimes affectionately call him, “Mr. T”.

He’s been in and out of several homes and fosters, even turned out to the streets at one point.

A Sweetheart!!! So loving!!! And outdoor trained, too!!!

I was told they received over 50 calls, but no one wanted him: but I did!!!

Meant to be. thank you Jesus - human babies need homes FIRSTLY; but so do God’s animals.

Outdoor trained, sweet, loving, & obedient. My girls love him!!!

An extra little joy for Christmas – older dogs are wonderful.

See you very soon with another modest sewing project, and as always:


Iron Lady


‘Let us strive after purity of heart,
for the Holy Spirit dwells in candid and simple minds.’

- St. Philip Neri

Grace Treadle
Our good friend gave this old Iron Lady to my daughter, Grace, a couple of years ago. It is a wonderful sewing machine, and my friend also refinished the wood and set it up in perfectly running and beautifully stunning condition! What a wonderful gift! This machine was made around 1903, we believe, and Grace enjoyed making several modest dresses, along with the lovely blouse and skirt she is wearing in the photo above.
I am currently in  the process of sewing with The Lady myself, to keep her running well while Grace is away. I’ve purchased an extra used shuttle, and some additional long bobbins on ebay and a couple of bottles of good Singer oil, and will post more images of The Lady, as well as my projects in future posts. ‘She’ is a ‘Singer Sphinx’ Treadle, and the old girl in still in tip-top shape!
Grace did not name her; so I will just call her ‘Little Gracie’ for the time being, because she, too, is beautiful, elegant, modest, efficient, productive, quaint, sweet, and just simply wonderful.  Just like my Gracie-Grace.
‘Little Gracie’ and I will keep company together, until St. Nicholas brings my Gracie-Grace back home again this Christmas.
The Holy Family and our own little family miss her very much.
Walk with Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, and as always,

A Brand New Sole


“A soul defiled by the passions becomes obdurate:
it has to undergo knife and cautery before it recovers its faith.”

- St. Thalassios the Libyan

Even the seemingly nicest shoes have to come clean and refresh their soles!!!
Let’s go:
FIRSTLY: I took out the old plastic ones (PU!) to use as a template for all the layers I needed, starting with cutting out 2 opposing pieces of the grip to keep my new soles from slipping inside my shoes:
And lightly glued them into the inside of the old shoes with a thin layer of Elmer’s water glue, not too much, just enough to hold them down and so they would dry more quickly:
SECONDLY: I used the same old sole template to also cut the following:
2 opposing pieces of cotton canvas fabric,
4 pieces of opposing fleece for comfort under layer,
and then I assembled and sewed the canvas and fleece together, thusly:
Pin the fleece layers under the canvas:
Sew layers together with a 5/8 inch seam around the layers:
You’ll notice I also sewed an wide and random quilting effect with a straight stitch to keep the layers from shifting, but not too much so they wouldn’t become uncomfortable:
Then I simply laid them in without attaching them inside, so I might be able to take them out and make another set should these too become icky.
New soles more comfy and definitely more fresh than the originals!!!
I bet you’re wondering how I got the stripes to come out sideways instead of lengthwise as I cut them above - well, sometimes I change my mind.
Often.   A lot.
I cut new ones – I like the look better.
You can use other fabrics – cottons, wool, cotton batting, etc., but I used my scraps.
So — save your old shoes. More importably; start by saving their soles.
No disrespect intended.
Walk with God, and as always,

McCall’s #5591 “WOO-HOO” PINK SKIRT!!!

“A true love of God is necessary to grow in modesty”
- Catholic Modesty

My daughter does not like the long skirts (sigh) BUT— she did want me to make her some just below the knee for her recent travel trip this summer. HEY: IT’S A START!!! She wanted these skirts sewn without the bottom band, so, I added enough length to present just below the knee, as ordered!!!

She chose a  pink and a brown fabric that were both on the clearance table (my favorite fabric$!) both are a polyester with  stitched and a pressed creasing as the nap design. I don’t recommend a full attack ironing; just a light steam after a gentle cold water washing to keep the creases held in the fabric.

HOWEVER: they are see-through in  the sun. “WHO CARES?” you ask, “Because, God does not want us to be suggestive, and we must always dress our best to prevent it.” MNEH!!!! Besides, linings block most/all of the “X-ray vision” provided by the sun, and  it also causes the skirt to look and behave better, instead of hanging like a wet dishrag and clinging to your legs. (UNSIGHTLY!)

This pattern did not call for lining (most today don’t – not a care for modesty or polish) BUT I DO!!! I added it – you can do it, too, without worrying the pattern did not call for it.

Well, here’s the pink:



inside lining with served seams & hand-made thread chains to keep lining secured:


Style, modesty, AND good behavior!!!

The brown one is identical, so I did not post. No big whoop.

Well, don’t forget the lining, and as always,

“Happy Modest Sewing & Crafting!!!”